Canon EOS C70 Camera

Canon EOS C70 Camera

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Rather than copy and paste pages of tech specs, we thought we would instead tell you what we love about this camera.

Ever since the 5DII, we've changed our idea of what a compact camera should look like. Fast forward a few years and here we have access to low-cost portable gimbals and finally the chance to literally do a job out of a backpack. Until now, mirrorless and DSLR cameras were a necessity for this run and gun style shooting, but came with limitations and frustrations for pros accustomed to pro video gear.

The C70 solves this with things as simple (but essential) as internal ND filters, timecode input and a reliable battery system. 

We're seeing a true shift in both sales and rentals where shooters are adopting this camera as their A-Cam and often swapping between handheld, tripod and gimbal.

Whether you're ready to commit fully to the new RF lens range (native to the body) or continue using your workhorse EF lenses via the optional adapter, you will be able to take advantage of the versatile offerings of this camera.

Cinemachine offers the camera as body only, or as part of one of our custom kits including accessories, cases, gimbal, tripod and more. 

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