Core SWX 52.GP-X4S Compact 4-Bay Fast V-Lock Charger

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The X4 charger is a compact charger with an upright design and a lightweight, plastic housing. It offers a simultaneous 2.6A charging as well a single bay per side fast charge. When only needing to charge one battery pack on each side, the rapid charge will charge the pack at 3A (one 98wh pack in under 2.5hrs). When two packs are placed on either side, the charge will charge the lesser charged pack up to the same level as the other, then charge both at 2.6A current combined.

Trickle charge maintenance program ensures the batteries are always at maximum capacity. The charger is compact enough to fit into a camera bag yet versatile, addressing all batteries simultaneously.

This charger will charge four “micro” sized packs(NANOV/G) at a time, but can only charge two large size packs(NEO, Hypercore) because of a mechanical incompatibility.

Quick Charge Current: 2.6A Simultaneous
Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

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