Core SWX Nano 98S Slim V-Lock Battery

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The packs are perfect for the majority of camera powering applications with a maximum load handling of 8A. Given the slim design, these packs can be also be used when powering cameras on handheld gimbals, and UAVs.

The 14.8V, 98wh capacity allows for the packs to be transported carry-on without restrictions under IATA, ICAO and UN regulations. 

The Core Nano packs feature an on-board unregulated D-tap which can be used to power most 12vdc devices, as well as doubling as a charge input port. The packs also include a 5V, 3A USB port for powering/charging mobile devices.

A rubberised, shock absorbent shell casing is used to provide the lightweight pack with greater protection against the rigours of everyday production.

Capacity: 98wh (14.8V, 6.6 Ah)
Operational Voltage: DC 12v-16.8v
Normal Runtime: (25W) 3.6Hrs
Max Load: 8A

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