Accsoon Cineview - iPad, Phone & Macbook Client Monitoring!

Accsoon Cineview SE Wireless Video System is a great low cost solution that offers HDMI and SDI input and output and can be used to monitor on up to 4 different mobile devices or with Cineview receivers.

Any Directors/Client/Agency can be set up with the Accsoon app at the start of the day on their iPads, Apple Silicon Computers or phones and enjoy wireless video anywhere on set for the rest of the shoot. 

Accsoon CineView SE on Set


This can be particularly useful on shoots with a large number of location moves as it removes the need to set up and pack down client monitors at each location. However if a larger client monitor is required a Cineview receiver can be easily installed while still offering the same wireless monitoring on nearby mobile devices.

Some 1st ACs have reported that latency is a tad slow for focus pulling with the Cineview receivers in some scenarios, but the ability to have mobile phones and tablets connect wirelessly to the transmitter still makes it invaluable as a client monitoring tool.

A simple setup we have been running is using a Teradek on the camera to transmit to the 1st AC’s monitor and then outputting from that monitor to the Accsoon Cineview transmitter. That way we can still achieve low latency for the monitors that need it while having the flexibility and convenience  the Accsoon App provides. 


The Cineview also has a number of power options from d-tap to dc barrel input, usb c or NP-F style batteries and with a low power draw of around 5W the Cineview can run all day on 1 or 2 batteries.


Next time you're in store let us know if you're interested in testing out the Accsoon Cineview and we can show you some it's great capabilities. Available to rent and to buy from Cinemachine.