Who We Are

Established in 2006 (trading as HD Rentals), CINEMACHINE has evolved to become Western Australia’s premier provider of motion picture equipment, services, expertise and innovative solutions.

We service industries including and beyond advertising, entertainment, corporate, medical, mining, oil and gas. We have built a reputation of quality and accountability whilst being nimble enough to react to customers changing needs.

For us, it’s about working with you and your ideas to create and capture your vision and bringing out the best in our collaborations.

Why Deal With Us

Western Australia’s most comprehensive inventory of motion picture equipment and resources.

Latest equipment with rigorous check-out/check-in procedures and thorough maintenance scheduling.

Full or part service production with the ability to provide concept through to execution and delivery.

Western Australian based with national and international experience and reach.

Experienced and clever teams working with a diverse and respected client list.

Existing and on-going in-house training, research/development and intellectual property.

Land, sea and air operations and solutions