Cinemachine is proud to now offer Edelkrone products in Western Australia.

Famous for their sliders that travel double their length, Edelkrone are providing elegant solutions to filmmakers with a strong emphasis on content producers and single-person shooters.

We have seen and used many sliders in the past and can say from experience that the Edelkrone sliders are the best tool for adding production value to an otherwise static shot without having to mess around with gimbals, dollies or jibs which can be cumbersome when you’re on your own or need to work fast. You can get around a corporate office environment in no time, capturing dynamic shots to jazz up an otherwise boring corporate video.

The slider systems are modular. You can use simply as a manual slider, or upgrade at any time to a motorised accessories that add motion control and time-lapse capability.

In addition to their sliders Edelkrone also make jibs, dollies and a range of accessories like their motion control heads.


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