Freefly Ember: Super Slow Mo Cinematography

Our new high speed footage camera - The Freefly Ember S5K - has arrived at Cinemachine. The Ember has massive improvements over Freefly’s previous Wave camera in almost every way, particularly when it comes to image quality and dynamic range. The Ember shoots 800fps @ 4K 17:9 and 600FPS @ 5K 16:9 on its native Super 35 sensor allowing for amazing slow motion footage. 

And, rather uniquely in the high speed world, the Ember can record continuously with no ram based clip limit directly to a 4TB internal SSD. With max recording times of 36 mins in 5K and 45 mins in 4K which equates to 14.4 hrs and 24 hrs of footage respectively! So there shouldn’t be any concerns about the SSD size being too small for most productions.

The camera is incredibly small weighing in at just 800g and is compact as a 10cm cube. Think of a Red Komodo sized body, but even lighter. This will make it perfect for rigging into almost any situation and easy to build out into a larger rig if required.

Freefly Ember with Periprobe Lens

An iOS app is available for a remote based workflow and an update for live view via the app should be here soon. Using its global shutter the camera records to the Apple ProRes Codec which is a great storage codec that still maintains quality - you can check out some ungraded clips here

We’re really excited to have the Freefly Ember here in Perth, Western Australia and can’t wait to put it through its paces to see what it is capable of. Cinemachine has a long history of supplying high speed cinematography resources. Starting back in 2014 when we secured one of the first Phantom Flex 4K cameras in Australia basing it right here in Perth. It was applied effectively on Ben Young’s 2016 debut feature Hounds of Love to create the chilling and now iconic opening sequences.

Now the Ember will offer these high frame rates at a more affordable price opening the door for more productions to shoot high speed cinematography. Keep an eye on our socials to see further tests and footage from the Freefly Ember. Or contact us today to talk about hire options and packages.

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