ProPrompter: How To Set Up A Teleprompter

Teleprompters are an incredibly useful tool, especially for corporate and commercial style filming. By allowing your subject to read a script or notes without looking away from the camera you can achieve a more consistent line reading and performance. Particularly from inexperienced talent who may struggle to stay on message or within a time limit if allowed to speak off the cuff. 

Our ProPrompter setup (hire today!) consists of 3 main elements:

1. The ProPrompter

2. The Camera Rigging 

3. The Screen / Remote (1 or 2 iPads)

So lets start with the camera rigging. Our teleprompter is mounted using standard 15mm rods which makes it a practically universal setup. If your camera doesn’t come with rod mounting points we also include a rod adapter that attaches via ¼” or ⅜” screws.

First attach the rod adapter to your camera.


Then mount your tripod plate to the adapter.

Insert the rods and lock them in place using the locking mechanisms on the rod adapter.

If you are using a smaller camera an additional weight can be added to the back of the rods for balance.

Now you can attach the ProPrompter unit to the rods

and tighten the screws so it is locked in place.

Adjust the height of the prompter to match your lens.

And then attach the iPad holder at the front by loosing the hinge and screwing in the holder.

Place an iPad onto the holder and secure it. You’re now ready to adjust the rods, tripod plate or any weights to ensure the setup is balanced.

The teleprompter is now all physically setup and we just need to get our script ready on our iPad.

First you’ll need to get the script onto the iPad. You can do this be emailing it as plain text to the email on the back of the iPad - 

Note: You can add in ‘*’ at key points in your script which will serve as chapter markers you can quickly jump to later. Great for long scripts.

Now copy the text from the email in the mail app and paste it into the teleprompter app as a new script.

You can now review your script, adjust font size and mirror the iPad that will be place on the prompter.

The best part of our setup is the ability to control the prompter remotely using a second iPad. 

To set this up first select host session under 'control options' and then 'control nearby devices' on your remote iPad (the one you've added the scripts to).

Then on the prompter iPad select join session. You will need to select accept on the first iPad.

Now open up your script again and on the second iPad select remote.

The iPads should now be synced and update almost instantly between each other.

This allows you to match the pace of the prompter text to the talents reading speed as well as easily edit the text on the fly as needed. Which will be updated on across both iPads (the remote iPad may need to reopen the script for the edits to update). 

Our teleprompter solution is available for hire as just solo equipment or with an operator if needed. Get in touch with us today to book for your next shoot.