Up to 6 Km Wireless Video: DJI Transmission System

The DJI Transmission System is a truly incredible wireless video system that is capable of transmitting video up to 6 kilometres line of sight and still great distances through walls and buildings. Using the O3 Pro Video Transmission technology that DJI has perfected with their drones it allows this Transmitter and RX Monitor Kit to achieve those crazy results. We have multiple units available to hire from today!

DJI Transmission Combo Kit


The system transmits up to 1080p60 video via Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies and supports automatic frequency hopping to always find the strongest available signal. 

DJI Transmission Combo Transmitter


It can also transmit to two receivers in control mode or an unlimited number of receivers in broadcast mode, although performance is lowered. 

DJI Transmission with V-Lock Battery


The transmitters and RX Monitor can be powered by L-Series batteries and our kit has additional adapters to allow for powering via V-Lock batteries. 

We also have a Tilta Power Supply Module which allows the transmitter to be attached to a camera’s V-Lock mount and then a battery can be attached to the transmitter to power both the camera and transmitter.

DJI Transmission with Tilta Power Supply Module powering camera with V-Lock Battery


The DJI Transmission Combo allows for a wide variety of uses in commercial, narrative and broadcast settings. Come in today to test it out or ask us about your specific wireless video needs.

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