Rentals FAQ


Our pricing structure for short term rentals is based on

Full Day (24 hours)

Collect on a week day and return by the same time on the following day

Week (168 hours)

Collect on a week day and return the same time one week later

Half Day (4hrs) on select products

Collect on a week day and return within 4hrs. 4hr hires must start and finish during business hours Monday to Friday

We offer great discounts, deals and special terms on bookings longer than a week. Always best to reach out for a personalised quote if your project is going longer than a week.

Absolutely. We prefer you do. We have the best prep and test facilities in Perth and will gladly take the time with you to make sure everything is perfect before you commence your project.

All of our staff are experienced and technically minded. If you need help, we love to go deep in the weeds and find the very best solution for your project. It's good fun for us and we take great pride in sharing any tips and tricks we've developed over the years.

Let us know! A large part of our rental and sales inventory has come from client demand and recommendation. If we think it's a good idea, we will act fast to make sure we are servicing our clients with what they need. Being in WA shouldn't mean you miss out on the cool stuff.

Pickup / Return

Our brick and mortar store is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Scheduled pickups and returns can be at any agreed time on those days.

If you need help outside of these hours, you can ofcourse still contact us. We monitor all our contact channels.

If you're flying into town and need after hours service, this can be arranged.

From time to time, we will discuss with you pickup and return times outside of these hours to ensure we can accomodate your booking as well as other customers' either side of your days and times.

Reach out to us on any of our contact channels or fill in a quote form on our rentals pages. There is a floating "Quote" tab that will follow you around the site.

If it is your first hire we will discuss with you our customer onboarding requirements.

All rentals customers are required to provide 100 points of ID on their first hire. This is a stipulation from our Insurance company.

We're located at 1/567 Newcastle Street West Perth

Yep, we can deliver and pickup in the Perth Metro area subject to the availability of our staff and drivers.

For interstate bookings we work closely with our freight team to organise next flight, overnight and road freight options and can handle everything for you.


All new customers are required to pay for their rental on or before pickup. We accept Mastercard and VISA in store and we can provide a secure online payment gateway if you are paying online in advance.

Chat to us about your preferred method when making a booking.

For some popular items we may request a small part payment in advance to secure the booking.

It depends on the creator and the product. All options are outlined on the product page, so look out for customization options there.

Let's talk. Supporting emerging technicians is an important value of ours and wherever possible we will try and help. It's best to reach out and start with a list of gear you need and tell us a bit about the project.

The more flexible you can be with your gear list, your dates and your timings, the more we can probably help.

Customer support

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