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Studio One is perfect for table top product and smaller effects shoots. It is 65 square metres in area with air conditioning, lighting grid, 3 phase power, compressed air lines, multiple backgrounds including black, white and blue/green screen. It is located within our rental house in West Perth.


Studio Two has 150 square metres of floor space with Perth’s largest installed green screen at 30ft across and 12ft high. It’s great for automotive and vehicle simulated travel shooting or head to toe people shoots and everything in between. It’s also big enough for a small to medium sized set build. It is sound friendly, air conditioned, has a lighting grid, 3 phase power, undercover lay down, load in and load out area, change room and a disabled toilet.

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Rustic Space with warm lighting.


Studio Three is a rustic space that doubles as an event room. With 120 square metres of area, it works very well as an overflow to Studio 2 for client/agency video village and work space or concurrent stills shooting while your film shoot’s happening in Studio 2. Air conditioned with 3 phase power, it’s a versatile and adaptable addition to our shoot spaces. 

Studios Two and Three are a recent acquisition conveniently located just around the corner from our rental house in West Perth’s Pickle District. 

All spaces come fully equipped with a-la-carte camera equipment. Lighting, audio and grip equipment can be supplied to suit requirements.