Accsoon CineView Nano - Tiny Wireless Video On A Budget

Accsoon has just announced a new even smaller and even lighter version of its HDMI wireless video transmitter - The CineView Nano. 

This new product is targeted at YouTubers and lower budget productions, but still offers the great 500ft/150m wireless video transmission to up to 4 iOS or Android devices we’ve come to love from so many of Accsoon’s products.


The CineView Nano is made out of plastic and weighs only 73g without a battery. The transmitter can be powered via a Sony NP-F style battery plate or through a 5W USB-C port. It also features a 10W USB-C output, a HDMI input and a ¼”-20 mounting point.


It also has an included phone holder and is designed to incorporate your phone or mobile device as an onboard monitor by wirelessly transmitting directly to your phone. There’s also an included gimbal mount for slinging the transmitter underneath DJI ronin gimbals and then easily powering the device from the gimbal’s USB-C output.


The CineView Nano is a very budget friendly transmitter that is also incredibly small and lightweight, but it is HDMI only and can only transmit to mobile devices, not another receiver. 

However it could be a great option to just chuck one in with your kit and know that you always have a camera monitor solution through your phone or a client monitoring option through additional phones/tablets. 

Needing something a bit more heavy duty for your wireless video needs? We have plenty of Accsoon products available for rental or purchase.
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