New Sony App: Control Sony FX6/FX3/FX30 Cameras Remotely

Sony has released a new iOS and Android app that allows for monitoring and control of Sony Cinema Line cameras via wifi or USB-C cable. 

Sony Camera being monitored on iPad

The app is available for download now and at launch supports the Sony FX6, FX3 and FX30 (all of which are available for hire) with more cameras to be added in the future. The Sony A7Siii and the new Sony Burano have already been announced as coming soon and we hope more of Sony’s other cameras will join the list.

Within the app users can monitor a live feed from the camera and adjust most basic settings including iris, shutter speed, ISO, WB, EV, internal ND, start/stop record, recording format, and more. The live feed has some latency and isn’t the highest quality feed compared to industry standard transmitters (such as Teradeks or Accsoons), however in our early tests it seemed very stable. 

Wireless Control of Sony Cameras through the Monitor & Control App


This app won’t be replacing dedicated transmitters or production monitors, but it’s great to have the option to live view on phones and tablets. We could see this being very handy for ACs to remotely change settings and start/stop record when pulling focus on a remote follow focus that doesn’t support these functions for Sony cameras.

Sony FX3 with phone as monitor


Additionally there is support for a number of exposure assistance tools on the FX3 and FX30 currently. These include a dedicated waveform, histogram and most importantly false colour option through the M&C App. Since false colour is one of the most asked for features on these cameras it’s great to see it here. Although it would be nice to have on the FX6 as well.

Sony FX3 with False Colour

There is also another feature where the focus and iris can be controlled wirelessly with the use of a control bar on the mobile device. There is also the option to select focus tracking points on the screen and adjust the AF sensitivity and speed on the fly. Although these focus settings seem to be limited to the Sony FX6 for now.

Sony FX6 Wireless Focus Control


This app is a great step up from Sony’s previous mobile apps and has some great functionality that will come in handy for many different users. The ability to use a phone or a tablet as a second monitor will definitely benefit smaller productions and changing settings along with stop/start recording will be excellent for ACs. We’d just love to see the same features rolled out on all cameras that are supported by the new app.