Aputure 300d II arrives
The Aputure Lightstorms have been some of our most popular lights since we first got them in 2017/18.
Although we've always had loads of LED lighting, everything up until then had been soft and indirect - great for interviews and interiors but lacking in times where you need high output and hard, direct light.
Along came the 120d and the 300d, looking a lot like something from a stills shoot. It was a bit of an experiment for us in rentals, we thought the regulars would turn their nose up at what seemed to be a flash head with an LED in it...
The response exceeded our expectations and we were soon ordering more.
The 120d II brought new functionality and a much more streamlined setup, with controller and power supply built into a single box. From here it seemed inevitble the 300d would have an upgrade, and whilst attending Cinegear this year we saw the final prototype for the 300d Mark II.
This thing is amazing, 20% more power, simplified setup, and clean high CRI output.
We're thrilled to be offering the Lightstorm 300d II in both Rentals and Sales, along with a range of accessories and power options.