Live Streaming to the masses
March 2020 saw one of the most monumental changes our industry has experienced in the emerging threat of COVID-19. As local production ground to a halt and cameras were packed away, a new application was developing for existing technology. Live Streaming services transformed from a niche servicing events and sport into a valuable form of corporate communication almost overnight.
Coincidently, as all this was unfolding, Cinemachine was completing one of our first Live Streaming projects in remote Western Australia. 
We have been early adopters of Blackmagic since the early days, there on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Centre when the odd looking BMCC was first shown to the world at NAB and have owned every major camera since. However, we feel their ATEM product line is the greatest advancement they have brought to our industry, and now the masses.
The ATEM Mini Pro has allowed businesses and individuals to continue their work with just a camera, a small box and an internet connection.
Whether it be a personal trainer who can continue their sessions on Zoom, a CEO who can now address an audience online or a school assembly live streamed to parents, the technology has helped people stay connected. We feel live streaming is here to stay and have invested in supporting the current and future needs.