Aputure LS600C Pro II: Massive Improvement

We've just added the Aputure 600C Pro II LED light fixture to our rental selection and we're seriously impressed with the amount of RGBWW light this thing is able to output. This won't be a full review of the 600C Pro II, but our initial impressions are that this light is significantly brighter than the original 600C and will be much more useful on set.

In terms of different settings the Aputure 600C II has everything we've come to expect from a RGBWW light with a CCT mode from 2,300K - 10,000K with Green/Magenta adjustment. It also features an advanced HSI mode which can be desaturated to a chosen colour temperature. 


The upgraded design of the COB has allowed for a much brighter output from the mark II at 5,600K the Aputure 600C Pro II's bare light reportedly outputs 21,160 lux @ 1m which is about 35% brighter than the original. With the new hyper reflector the output is reportedly 91,500 @ 1m which is 82% higher than the first generation 600C.


The light also has all of the other features we have come to expect from the Aputure 600 range including a IP65 weather rating, multiple FX Modes, Sidus & LumenRadio control and a universal Bowens mount.

Available for hire now. The perfect way to add a splash of colour to your shoots. Compatible with a wide range of modifiers including Spotlight Mounts and Light Domes.

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