Full Frame Zooms: Ranger Compact Cine Zoom Series

Our newest kit of cinema lenses is the Ranger Compact Cine Zoom Series including the FF Ranger 28-75mm T2.9 & FF Ranger 75-180mm T2.9 and is now available for rental hire. 

Full frame coverage on these parfocal zooms in a small and lightweight package weighing only 1.4kg. Making them a perfect option for gimbal and handheld work.

The Ranger series also has a number of convenient features including interchangeable lens mounts - our lenses come with PL & EF mounts and built in back focus adjustment so no messing around with shims.

They also have constant T2.9 apertures throughout the entire range, almost no focus breathing, unified gear positions and extremely close focus distance of 0.49m/1’6″ and 0.89m/2’9″ respectively allows for captivating close-up shots.

Cine zooms are increasingly popular due to their flexibility and the common use of in camera zooms in TVCs, music videos and many drama productions such as The Bear. 

These Laowa Ranger zooms offer a great cine lenses package from 28mm up to 180mm with a beautiful image quality and at a reasonable price of just $250 per day. Come in and check them out today.


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