Aputure Nova P300C

The highly anticipated Aputure P300C Nova lights have landed at Cinemachine.

The Nova P300C is an RGB LED Soft light panel. It has been compared as a low cost alternative to the Skypanel lights which have changed the way film sets are lit and made coloured light much more accessible to the masses, which would have traditionaly required an extensive Gels package.

In terms of output, the lamp is equivelant to a 1,2Kw Tungsten soft light, yet draws only 360w of power itself. The built in ballast means there are no extra PSU boxes or AC adapters to deal with and rig, and the included remote control makes dialling in your settings a breeze, even when the light is rigged in a hard to reach place.

Being an RGBWW fixture, the spectrum of colours achievable is enormous, with up to 90% of the Rec 2020 colour space accessible.

There are three modes for controlling your colour:

CCT Mode: This is much like a traditional Bi-Colour LED panel. You can select and dial in in CT presets from 2000K to 10000K, with the added advantage of plus and minus Green Control to ensure you are outputting a perfectly matched CT for your camera.

HSI Mode: HIS stands for Hue, Saturation and Intensity. These values can be adjusted independently of one another to create a specific colour and intensity of light source. This is really useful for adding colour to a scene, which could be matched to a company’s brand colours etc.

Gel Mode: This mode allows those familiar with traditional gels to call up a preset based on the equivalent gel number. Impress your colleagues with your knowledge of the Lee swatch book.

Even with the ballast built into the head, the total fixture weighs in at 10.3kg. We have developed a custom flight case based on a genuine Pelican™ AIR case that can fly as checked luggage, making this ideal for away jobs.

We have the P300C in stock in both Rentals & Sales and we’re open for demos if you want to check it out. Drop us a line to make an appointment.