Best Value Interview Setup in Town (Under $300!)

A full Corporate Videographer Setup for Under $300 a Day…Including Cinema Camera!

Some of the most common work in our industry is the simple interview. And while there are a million different ways to approach filming an interview - most jobs can be well covered by a good camera with a fast lens, a lav or boom mic and a nice soft key light.

Interview Subject


This entire interview kit will set you back just under $300 for the day (which you can charge to the client anyway) and can deliver great results even on a small budget. 

Total: $270 ex GST Per Day (Still under $300 including GST)


The FX30 is a great small Super 35mm Cinema Camera option that gives you access to high quality 4K recording in either of Sony’s great colour profiles - Slog.3 cine or S.Cinetone. 

Sony G Master Lens 24-70mm F2.8


And gives you access to our range of Sony G Master lenses. Grab the Sony 24-70mm F2.8 for a great range of focal length options or for the same price you could swap in the Sony 50mm F1.2 or 85mm F1.4 for a brighter exposure and greater depth of field. 

The Miller Air tripod is a great small lightweight tripod, that is still rock solid and more than enough to handle the FX30 with additional accessories.

Rode Wireless GO II Mic


Our Rode Wireless Go Mic Systems are also a great audio solution with in-built batteries and they work seamlessly with the FX30 via 3.5mm input. They also offer 2 wireless mics to the same receiver which is great if you need to record the audio of your interviewer questions or your client throws a two person interview setup at you at the last minute.

Finally our Amaran 60D has a lot of fire power for it’s small size and cost, and can accept bowens mount accessories such as the Aputure Light Dome ii to create a large, pleasing, soft light.

Amaran 60x Light


But of course you can mix and match any of our other great rental items into your kit. Need a bit more lighting fire power? 

Add an Aputure 300D II or Aputure 600D and use the 60D as a backlight. Shooting in a boring office? Take our Paper Backdrop Kit with a wide range of colour options. Or A Ronin S3 for those silky smooth gimbal B-Roll Shots.

Sony FX6 in Interview Setup


We also offer the Sony FX3 if you need a full frame sensor or FX6 for full frame, in-built NDs and a whole heap of other features. Or maybe you’re more of a canon shooter? Swap in the Canon R5 or C70 and take advantage of our huge range of RF or EF mount lenses.

Whatever you need for your next interview just let us know and we would be happy to help. Check out our website at, give us a call or pop in to our warehouse on Newcastle St in West Perth.

Interview Subject in front of car

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