Full Colour Lights: Amaran 150c & 300c Announced

Aputure has just announced the Amaran 150c and 300c - two new point source, Bowens mount, full colour RGBWW lights. Along with a new Amaran spotlight SE and Light Dome Mini SE.


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The two new lights will have the same colour control as many of Aputure’s other lights including a CCT range of 2500K to 7500K with plus/minus green adjustments and 360 degree HSI colour. 

Amaran 150c LED RGBWW Light


Of course being part of the Amaran/Aputure product line up means that these lights will be fully controllable by Aputure’s Sidus Link mobile app.

The build quality of these Amaran fixtures has always been lower than that of the Aputure branded lights, but are significantly cheaper. We don’t have Australian prices just yet, but it looks like the low prices will continue for these products with the Amaran 150c going for $359USD and the Amaran 300c for $569. However the build quality has seen some improvements with an all metal Bowens mount, baby pin receiver and tilting bracket which should help the fixtures survive on set.

Amaran 150c & 300c Full Metal Baby Pin Receiver


The benefit of these point source style lights is that they are usually brighter than other similarly powered LEDs and also have the flexibility to be controlled through various lighting attachments via the Bowens mount.

Aputure Light Dome Mini SE


To this end Aputure is also releasing a new small soft box the Light Dome Mini SE which is the perfect size for these smaller lights at 58 x 34x 21.5cm. And the new Amaran Spotlight SE which is a small project lens specifically designed for the smaller Amaran fixtures. It has the option of two lenses - both 19 degree and 36 degree, internal shutters and comes with 15 M-size Gobos. There is also the option to add an Iris, but this will be sold separately.

Amaran Spotlight SE Projection Mount


It’s always great to have more options when it comes to lighting and Amaran products offer a great sweet spot with lower prices and great quality. We also currently stock a number of other Amaran and Aputure products for both rent and sale.

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