Canon R5 C - Our thoughts upon today's announcement

Over the last 48hrs, news has surfaced about the new Canon R5 C. 

The significance of the 'C' on this camera should not be underestimated. It marks the camera as a true Cinema EOS product, being Canon's first hybrid Cinema EOS Camera.

By that, we mean it can deliver Cinema EOS level motion pictures and EOS R quality still photographs in the same body. Controlled by a three position switch, users can seamlessly switch between the Cinema EOS and EOS R modes complete with separate and familiar menus. 

We very much operate in the motion picture niche and tend not to take huge interest in the still image specs of most cameras, however with the content creator market becoming ever greater and the demands on these creators increasing, consolidating to a single body has more merit than ever before.

We got truly excited when the original R5 was announced, but the talk around overheating made us cautious, particular for our rentals fleet which demands performance in some of Western Australia's harshest environments. Fortunately, the C70 camera came soon after and we were able to fill that demand with a robust, reliable and over-performing dedicated Cinema EOS body. The C70 went on to become one of our best sellers, especially in the owner/operator sector where it became the go-to body for a bunch of our regular clients who shoot with Canon glass.

This new R5 C fills a void between the R5 and the C70, arming content creators with an 8K Video/45 megapixel Photo beast, all in a compact and familiar form factor.

Of course, until we see them out in the wild we can only speculate, but I feel like the camera will end up in the hands of the content creator who has to do it all. 

There may be the question of whether the price makes it too close to the C70 for the pure video shooter, and whether the added benefits of the video specs justify the extra cost for the those who predominantly shoot stills. Time will tell. If there's stills and video in your client's brief, it's a no brainer!

It should be said, one big advantage of the R5C over the C70 for motion picture shooters is the R5 C's Full Frame sensor.

I have huge admiration for the way Canon is embracing the hybrid approach, and I think it sets them apart from other manufacturers who have mirrorless stills cameras that happen to shoot reasonable video as a bonus. By not shying away from the fact that customers are expecting performance on both fronts they are delivering a very relevant and timely camera to the market.

The Canon R5 C is set to begin shipping in Australia in March with a RRP of $7,499 including GST.

As always, Cinemachine will be looking after our customers with price matching (where possible), huge cost saving bundles and value add support.

Being an authorised Canon Australia dealer, Cinemachine customers will be supported by Canon Australia's 5 year warranty

If you are interested in pre-ordering, hit us up!

For all the specs and the official literature, jump over to Canon Australia's info page for the R5C.