How to Easily Mount (& Power!) Wireless Transmitters on a Ronin Gimbal

This is an Accsoon Gimbal Adapter and it allows you to easily mount any wireless video transmitter to your DJI Ronin S2 or S3 gimbal. The adapter slots into the gimbal’s quick release system just below the camera plate originally designed for the DJI RavenEye.

DJI Ronin S3 Pro Quick Release Mount
To get started, screw the Gimbal Adapter's mounting screw into the mounting thread on your video transmitter. In this example we are using an Accsoon CineView SE as its compact size and ability to be powered over USB-C make it perfect for use on a Ronin gimbal.

Accsoon CineView SE Transmitter with Gimbal Adapter

We recommend attaching the adapter so that the antennae face forward, which gives you more freedom to move the gimbal camera plate backwards, if needed, when balancing.

Slide the Gimbal Adapter plate into the gimbal’s quick release shoe and then you are ready to add your camera and start balancing the gimbal.

Mounting Accsoon CineView onto Ronin S3 Gimbal

Once the camera is balanced and locked into the Ronin S2 or S3 you can attach your HDMI or SDI cable from the camera to the transmitter. This is the part where the Accsoon CineView really shines, since you can power it over USB-C straight from the USB-C ports on the DJI Ronin, meaning that none of the cables can get tangled up in the gimbal while operating.

Sony FX3 with Accsoon CineView Attached, Low Angle

Overall this gives you a great, small, convenient setup with all of the video transmission and power delivery securely mounted on the gimbal itself. 

Sony FX3 and CineView on Table

The setup we are showing here uses an Accsoon Gimbal Adapter, Accsoon CineView SE, DJI Ronin S3 Pro and the Sony FX3 - all of which you can hire from us or you can buy  Accsoon Gimbal Adapters and the Accsoon CineView from



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