Cinemachine 2023 Year In Review

What a crazy year it has been! We have had so many amazing projects and added tons of new gear. We couldn’t possibly go through all of them, so here are just a couple that stand out.



Okay so technically our first Alexa 35 arrived at the tail end of the last year, but our second body arrived early in 2023 and we’ve now had time to get them both out on a bunch of projects. We’re still in love with the new 4.6K Super 35 sensor, incredible dynamic range and quality of life updates.

Arri Alexa 35


Another great camera that was added to our rentals collection was the Ember capable of high speed cinematography of up to 800 FPS in 4K. It’s already seeing a bunch of work in all kinds of high speed filming applications including its first job on a Tegel’s TVC with Beautiful Pictures. It’s great to see high quality food commercials being shot right here in Perth.

Freefly Ember S5K


A more recent addition is our set of Cooke SP3 Primes. High quality cinema glass that replicates the look of Cooke’s classic Speed Panchros while being designed for modern mirrorless cameras with a small, lightweight design and interchangeable lens mounts. We’ve only had a brief time to play with them so far, but we can already tell they are going to be a great option for all kinds of productions.

Cooke SP3 Mini Prime Set


We haven’t even really announced this one properly yet as it’s only just arrived, but we are excited to have Perth’s first Motion Control Robot here at Cinemachine. This will be a gamechanger for tabletop and product cinematography in Perth will pair perfectly with our other new additions in the Ember and Cooke SP3 lenses. We can’t reveal too much yet, but it has already done its first tabletop shoot here in Perth for an International brand and the results are outstanding. Much more info to come very soon.

Zinema Motion Loki Motion Control Camera Robot


We’ve already mentioned some exciting jobs that have happened in Perth this year including our first projects with our Loki MoCo Robot and Freefly Ember. 

Cinemachine has also been proud to support a number of drama and music video projects and we look forward to gearing up for even more next year.


The end of the year was especially busy with a number of local drama productions all happening at once. It was great to see the WA crew so busy and working on high profile Aussie projects. We were proud to provide products and services to multiple departments across these productions including the 8 part series ‘THE TWELVE’ and feature film ‘RUNT’.

Movi XL on Runt Set



We are also happy to give ongoing support to the local indie film scene with Mick McDermott ACS shooting the Perth based feature ‘HONEYMOON’. All the equipment was supplied locally by Cinemachine and our own Fletcher Gardiner was involved as the 1st AC.

Alexa 35 and Ronin 2 on Set of Honeymoon


Cinemachine also hosted a number of events throughout the at our West Perth based rental house including the WA ACS Awards viewing night, Laowa lens roadshow event and an Alexa 35 launch evening. 

Laowa Cinemachine Event Proteus Lenses

After what has been a massive year at Cinemachine we are taking some downtime, but we will be available on call over the Christmas break for any emergency bookings as needed.

If you need something over the break please get in touch and we’ll help.

Otherwise have a great holiday break and we will see you all again in the New Year.


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