Top 13 Unique Gifts for Camera Assistants & Filmmakers 2023

Christmas is already around the corner and it's time to start thinking about gift ideas for that 1st AC, 2nd AC or Filmmaker in your life. 

We know camera assistants can be difficult to buy for especially if you want to get them equipment that is relevant to their work. 

But don’t worry we’ve got you covered with a range of ideas in this gift guide from big to small and on a wide range of budgets to make that festive season just a little bit easier.


Here are just some of the best gift ideas for the AC in your life.


1. Mini Camera Tape Rolls - 4 Pack ($29.99) 

Camera Tape Mini Rolls - Spike Tape

No camera assistant’s bag is complete without a set of camera tape for figuratively and sometimes quite literally holding the set together. Sometimes also called spike tape, these rolls are essential and you can never have too many colours for labelling purposes. There are a range of colours and sizes to choose from and the best part is that ACs always need more tape - so there’s no fear of getting them something they won’t use.


2. PB Swiss Tools Camera Plate Tool ($45.95)

Swiss Tool Camera Base Plate Screwdriver

The Swiss Tools Camera Plate Tool may just seem like another screwdriver (which are also a great gift idea), but what sets it apart is that it perfectly fits film industry camera base plate screws making sure you can easily get them as tight as you need. Since these screws are sometimes the only thing keeping an expensive camera attached to a tripod or gimbal it’s worth having the right tool for the job.


3. Custom Pelican Name Plates ($12.95)

Pelican Name Plate Label Custom Designer

Everything expensive that a camera assistant owns is usually stored in high quality Pelican Cases for storage and travel. But so is almost everything on a film set, so it’s a great idea to get some custom labels made up to keep your gear organised and so there’s no confusion about which gear belongs to which case.


4. Focus Disc Markers [30] ($3.30)

AC Focus Marker Stickers Discs

Helpful little focus marker stickers which can be stuck to 1st AC’s follow focus units to show where their next focus marks are. Very handy and light on the budget. Available in a wide range of colours too!


5. Otter Box 5K mAh Power Bank ($25.95)

Otterbox Power Bank

For long days on set the last thing you want is for your phone to die on you just as you’re looking up directions on how to get home. Keep your AC happy with the ability to charge their phones and any other USB devices all day long. So much film gear can be charged via USB-C nowadays that it’s always worth having a couple on hand.


6. Rocket Chest Pouch ($69.00)

Rocket Chest Pouch AC Storage

A chest pouch is a great addition for anyone working onset as it allows them to store all kinds of tools and consumables without having to walk back to a camera cart or van. You also never need to worry about finding somewhere to put down your wrench or more importantly trying to remember where you put it down.


7. Wooden Camera Wrench Set ($15.00)

Wooden Camera Alan Key Hex Key Wrench Set

Speaking of wrenches there are an endless amount of different equipment with imperial and metric screws on film sets. So it’s always handy to have a set of allen keys or wrenches in all sizes.


8. Gaffer Cable Tape 4" x 30 yards ($49.00)

Tunnel Cable Tape

Also known as tunnel tape, this tape is unique in that it has a strip down the middle that is not adhesive to allow for the running of cables underneath. The best part about this feature is that you are able to move the cables underneath even after taping them down and remove the tape without it sticking to any cables. 


9. Accsoon CineView SE Wireless Video Transmission System ($895.00)

Accsoon CineView SE Wireless Video Set

While it may be a little more than some of the other items on this list, the Accsoon CineView SE is a very reasonably priced wireless video system that definitely punches above its weight. The price of these types of systems has come down a lot in recent years and this Accsoon is now a great option for on set client or director wireless video or as a great backup if another system were to fail.


10. PortKeys PT5ii 5-inch Touch Screen Monitor ($249.00)

Portkeys 5 Inch Monitor

For ACs that are just starting out a reasonably priced monitor is a great addition to the kit. Monitors come in a vast range of sizes and prices well into the multiple thousands depending on features and brand. But PortKeys offers a competitive combination of quality features at a great price. We offer a number of their monitors so get in touch if you’re not sure what’s right for your situation.


11. Socanland Mini 98Wh V-Lock Battery ($279.00)

Socanland Mini V-Lock V-Mount Battery 98Wh

V-Lock batteries are used to power almost any type of film equipment while also offering multiple power outputs. One of the great things about these batteries is that they are very compact and below 100Wh which means they can be easily transported on flights.


12. SmallRig Crab-Shaped Clamp ($33.95)

SmallRig Arm with Clamp Camera Accessories

SmallRig offers an incredibly large range of camera accessories, but you can’t really go wrong with articulating arms and clamps. There’s always a need to attach things to other things on a film set and these types of clamps give you tons of flexibility with mounting options.


13. Cinemachine T-Shirt ( $30.00)

Cinemachine T-Shirt Black with White Logos

Finally you can never go wrong with a little bit of film industry merchandise - why not get someone you know a cool film related T-shirt or Hoodie. There’s plenty of options out there to choose from, but we think our black shirts are perfect for looking stylish on your next production.

Nothing from our list quite fitting the bill for gifts this year? No worries! We have an incredibly knowledgeable sales team that are always happy to give suggestions based on your needs. Send a message or give us a call today!