Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses - The Cooke Look, Mirrorless Size


Cooke has announced a new kit of full frame lenses that are compact and designed for mirrorless cameras while still maintaining that legendary Cooke quality. We’re massive fans of Cooke lenses here at Cinemachine and love using our set of Cooke S4’s and we can’t wait to see the quality of this new glass (They've now arrived!).


Cooke lenses are some of the highest quality lenses available regularly used in high end commercial and cinema productions and it's great to see these lenses being offered at a more reasonable price, size and with mounting options for a wide range of modern mirrorless cameras.

Cooke SP3 Prime Lens Kit

The new set of Cooke SP3 prime lenses comes in five focal lengths: 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm all at T2.4.


The lenses are small and very light weight all coming in between 500 & 700g which will make them ideal for gimbal work when paired with smaller mirrorless cameras. They also feature interchangeable lens mounts coming with Sony’s E mount as standard and in future will be able to be supplied with RF mount, L mount or M mount. 

Cooke SP3 Lens on Sony FX6

The focus and iris rings are aligned across the full set of lenses allowing for fast and easy lens changes on set.


The real benefit of these lenses is being able to get the beautiful Cooke optics in such a small form factor that mounts without adapters straight on to most cameras on the market. 

Cooke SP3 50mm Lens

Cooke is saying that the SP3 lenses have been modelled after the Cooke Speed Panchro which are some of the most iconic lenses in film history and have been used in countless films over their impressive history.

SP3 & Speed Panchro Comparison

Check out the video below that shows off the legacy of the Speed Panchro’s.

Our Cooke SP3 lenses are now available for rental


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