New Tokina 135mm T1.5 Vista Cinema Prime

We’ve just received delivery of our newest lens, the Tokina 135mm T1.5 Vista Cinema Prime which fits nicely into our Tokina Vista lens kit, bringing the total set up to 6 lenses.

Tokina Vista 135mm


The kit now boasts a 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm covering you from the wide end all the way up to telephoto. 

All of these lenses have a fast T1.5 great for exceptional shallow depth of field and high performance in low light conditions. The lenses feature a 46.7mm image circle to easily cover a full frame sensor such as the Alexa Mini LF.

Tokina Vista Cinema Prime Lens


The lens shares the same front lens diameters and gear positioning on the focus and iris rings as the other lenses in the series, making lens switching quick and convenient. No matter the setup. 

Tokina Vista Prime Lens

These lenses are now a popular option on a wide range of productions including all 3 seasons of Apple TV’s Ted Lasso.

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