DJI Transmission: Unlimited Receivers Now Available

DJI’s Transmission system was released over a year ago and has been incredibly popular as an alternative to other high end wireless video systems such as those from Teradek, in part due to incredible range brought over from their experience with drones. However the system originally launched as a combo with the DJI High Bright Monitor, but without a standalone receiver. Which was a great option in many situations, but was more limiting than a traditional receiver that many other systems offer.

DJI Video Receiver


Now DJI is releasing its Transmission Standard Combo and a stand alone DJI Video Receiver that allows this system to fit in with any video setup or production monitor. The DJI Transmission system now supports one transmitter to multiple receivers in two different transmission modes. Broadcast Mode allows for an unlimited number of receivers with simultaneous real time video output which will be perfect for productions with larger crews requiring multiple monitors.

Another option when working with the High-Bright Monitor and Video Receiver is Control Mode which allows seamless control of the DJI Master Wheels and other devices. Gimbals such as the Ronin 2 and RS3 Pro can be controlled remotely using the monitor in this mode.

DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)


The DJI Video Receiver also supports camera metadata transmission via SDI, offering compatibility with many cinema cameras such as ARRI and RED. Detailed shooting information, including file name, timecode, recording trigger, camera settings, and lens information, can be transmitted from the receiver to monitors and QTAKE. 

Furthermore, the Video Receiver supports voice calls, facilitating real-time, one-on-one, ultra-long-distance communication between the cinematographer and the director. This is a feature we’re keen to try out once the new combo arrives.

The DJI Transmission System is available for hire or purchase from Cinemachine. With some additional DJI Video Receivers currently on the way.
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