Sony FX6 4.00 Firmware: Anamorphic De-Squeeze & More

All of our Sony FX6’s have now been updated to the newest 4.00 firmware update which adds some much requested features to these workhouse cameras.

The new features include updates to file naming conventions, internal de-squeeze, AF added to more S&Q frame rates and support for some different log shooting modes. 

The additional option for file naming now includes support for Camera ID and Reel# format which brings the camera in line with the Sony Venice camera systems. This will be particularly useful when using FX6 as part of a multicam setup or when using alongside Venice cameras. 

Sony adding in De-squeeze functionality was expected after it was added to the Sony FX3, but it is still good to see it here. The camera can now de-squeeze 2.0x and 1.3x in the viewfinder and HDMI output for use with anamorphic lenses. We would love to see some more options here, especially a 1.8x de-squeeze to fit with our Vazen anamorphics. 

Two additional shooting modes Flexible ISO and Cine EI Quick have also been added which allow the FX6 to be used similarly to a modern mirrorless camera where ISO settings can be dialled in and the base ISO changes automatically to fit as closely as possible.

Most of these features are just bringing the FX6 in line with other Sony cameras by adding features from the mirrorless line or from the Sony Venice. There’s nothing absolutely groundbreaking here, but some good options to add further flexibility to this great camera. We love seeing Sony continue to support their cinema line of camera and hope they continue to add more features in future firmware updates.
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