SmallRig Range Massively Exapnded!

Cinemachine has been a big proponent of SmallRig products for years now as they offer a cost effective option for a wide range of filmmaking equipment from rigging accessories to camera cages and more recently tripods and even lights. 

We have often added SmallRig cages and accessories to our rental fleet and have been impressed by the additional features. Such as many camera cages including a built in arca swiss plate on the bottom which slides straight into DJI Ronin gimbals. We’ve previously sold a number of SmallRig products in store however these products had always been a limited range and mostly consisted of rigging accessories.

We are now happy to announce that we have greatly expanded our range of SmallRig products and they are all available on our Cinemachine website - Link Here! Or go to the link under our sales menu. We now have almost 200 unique products and more will be added constantly as SmallRig releases new items.

Check it out and as always if there are any SmallRig or other brands of products you would like to order get in touch with us today!