Laowa Lenses Roadshow Event Wrap

Last night we hosted a Lens Roadshow and demonstration for LAOWA, one of the many brands we carry here in Sales and Rentals at Cinemachine. It was great to see so many of you all down at the rental house to test out the cine lenses that were on offer.

Anamorphics were a star of the show with Laowa supplying a set of their Proteus 2X anamorphic lenses which are only available for preorder currently.

Laowa Proteus Anamorphic Lens


These anamorphics come in 4 focal lengths and feature a universal T2 aperture, delivering consistent classic anamorphic characteristics including elliptical bokeh and signature flares with blue, amber and silver options. We had the silver tint for our testing and were impressed by the performance of these lenses including a very useful 55cm minimum focusing distance and interchangeable PL & EF mounts.


We also had a set of Laowa’s 1.5X Nanomorph lenses which are absolutely tiny and weigh around half a kg each on the PL/EF mount option we had on show. There are also mirrorless mount options available (in Canon R, Sony E, M43, DJI DL, Nikon Z, Fuji X & L Mount…) which are even smaller at 360g each! And still have some great features similar to the Proteus with colour tint options, close focusing in a tiny Super 35 lens.


Our new Laowa Periprobe on display which is similar to the original Laowa probe lens, but has an optional 90 degree periscope module allowing for some incredible shots that are impossible with any other lens. The barrel of the lens can also be rotated using a geared lens motor to rotate the shot while recording. Both versions of the probe lens are available to hire today. 


The final set of lenses we had available were the Laowa Ranger Full Frame Cine Lenses - affordable, compact & high-performance professional cine zoom lenses for Full Frame cine cameras. These lenses impressed with their small size for full frame zooms for constant T2.9 apertures with parfocal zoom design. We also had these lenses set up on our new Freefly Ember High Speed camera. 

Freefly Ember with Laowa Ranger Cine Zoom 

Interested in buying Laowa lenses or coming to future events? Get in contact today or follow our socials for more updates.

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