Sony Cinema Line Firmware: FX30 & FX3 Upgrade


New firmware for Sony’s mirrorless Cinema Line cameras - the FX3 & FX30 has just dropped! These updates come with a bunch of new features for the tiny cinema cameras - a few that will be handy additions and a couple that people have been crying out for.


The headline features are support for anamorphic de-squeeze in camera and some new recording modes - DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) and 24p recording.


The anamorphic de-squeeze can be turned on in the setup menu and applies to the LCD & HDMI out both during recording and playback.


There are some limitations with only 2 modes being added - 1.33x or 2x de-squeeze. Additionally only the log picture profile is supported and shooters will have to disable both autofocus and internal stabilisation. 


There are also a couple of minor additions with the firmware update:


  • Lens Breathing Compensation for FX3
  • Switching S&Q Modes can be assigned a custom button
  • Support for the Long File Name format
  • Added support for Sony’s Creators’ App 


Sony’s Creators’ App is a replacement for the Imaging Edge Mobile App and promises to be a better experience for remotely controlling the camera and wirelessly transferring photos and some footage.

There are still some more features we would love to see in these cameras such as the option for shutter angle, additional anamorphic de-squeeze modes and additional exposure tools such as false colour.


But for now we appreciate that sony is adding new features to improve the quality of these already great cameras. Come in and try them out today at Cinemachine in West Perth, or book a rental online.