Rode on the GO: Charging Cases

We love our Rode Wireless GO II Mic systems over here at Cinemachine for their flexibility and ease of use, but we also love the level of support Rode has for these microphones. And this support is continuing with some new firmware updates and the new Rode GO charging cases.

The charging case which has just been announced will store and charge both of the transmitters and the receiver for Wireless GO II’s and will feature an integrated battery allowing for three full recharges for up to 30 hours of continuous use. 

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Set of Rode Wireless GO II's on Film Slate


This is a massive upgrade for the Wireless GO II mics making them much simpler to charge and now they will definitely last all day even on the longest of shoots. Particularly for travel shoots this will be a must have addition. Unfortunately there are no details on the release date yet.

Rode are also releasing a new firmware update for the Wireless GO II which will add a bunch of new features including the ability to save on board recordings as WAV files, and to stop/start on-board recordings using the transmitter power button. Which means less need to go back into the Rode app. 

Rode Wireless GO II on FX30 Camera

The update will also expand upon the last firmware release which added a camera preset feature for matching the mics recording settings to a specific brand and model of camera. More models are now being added so it’s very likely that your camera will be among the options.

Rode Wireless GO II’s are a great option for all levels of production and are incredibly affordable as well. Pick some up today to rent or buy from Cinemachine in West Perth.