Tiffen 4 Pt Star: July Featured Filter

This month we are taking a look at one of our special effects filters, the Tiffen 4 Point Start Filter. Which creates a streaking light effect that emulates outwards from light sources. These images are all unedited and straight from a Canon R5.

No Filter:

With Filter:

The effect creates a glittering or glamorous effect that may suit music video, wedding, fashion or jewellery shoots. However the effect can be quite overwhelming with a wide open lens and a strong backlight and so may not be suitable for all situations. 


When the filter is fitted normally the star’s points come out at 90 degree angles from the light source, however if you wish to angle the light streaks differently you can always rotate the matte box. For a more pronounced effect the filter can be rotated while filming which causes the star light streaks to rotate as well. 

Check this out in the video below:

Our 4 Point Star Filter is a 4x4 filter which can easily be attached to most lenses and camera setups using one of our matte box options. This is just one of our many filters. Contact us today to ask about the many other filter options we have available.