Charging On The Go: SmallRig USB-C Batteries

SmallRig have just released their new USB-C rechargeable batteries for Sony, Canon & Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and these could be a bit of a game changer. By being able to charge your camera batteries on the go from a power bank, car charger, laptop or even a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery these SmallRig batteries give operators incredible flexibility. Especially for travel jobs or events where access to AC power is limited.

Image Credit: SmallRig


SmallRig's new rechargeable USB-C batteries come in three variants: Canon LP-E6, Sony FZ100, and Sony NP-W235 covering a large range of cameras and many monitors through the LP-E6’s. We’re hoping they continue to improve the range of batteries offered, NP-F batteries would be an excellent addition. 

Image Credit: SmallRig


SmallRig are a Chinese manufacturer most well known for their camera cages, clamps and accessories (which we also stock - check them out here), but they have also been branching out recently into camera batteries and lighting fixtures. Their V-Lock batteries in particular have been receiving great reviews. 

All of these new USB-C Rechargeable Batteries can still be charged using your regular camera charger. However, the fact that you can recharge them using the batteries’ USB Type-C port is currently a real point of difference. The charge time is quite good as each of the batteries can be charged in only 2.5 hours (5V 2.2A) to their full capacity of 2400mAh.

Image Credit: SmallRig


Each battery features a convenient charging indicator that transitions from red to green when fully charged. These batteries incorporate safeguards against short circuits, high-voltage, high-current, high-temperature, and over-charge/over-discharge situations, ensuring your valuable equipment remains protected. Additionally, the batteries include built-in chips that are decoded and recognized by your camera as original cells, which should provide a reliable power source.

The SmallRig USB-C batteries are set to ship by the end of this month, but the first batch of orders has already sold out. Let us know if you are interested in pre-ordering for the next round. The Canon LP-E6 model is currently priced at USD$39.99, while the Sony NP-FZ100 model retails for USD$44.99 and the Sony NP-W235 version is priced at USD$39.99.

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