Lectrosonics UM200 Tx with Cos-11

Lectrosonics UM200 Tx with Cos-11

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The Lectrosonics UM200 is a rugged, machined aluminum package with a removable, spring loaded belt clip. The input section provides a correct input tap for virtually any microphone or line level audio source.

UM200 combines over 80 years of engineering experience with the very latest components, in a design that addresses the most demanding professional applications.  

Included as Standard

TA5 Lapel Mic

Key Specs 
  • Frequency agile with 256 selectable synthesized UHF frequencies to choose from

  • High power output that boasts 100m Watts of output power, rendering the unit virtually free of dropouts

  • Low frequency roll off is user adjustable to adapt to various acoustic environments 

  • Pristine Audio quality with level dial to adjust impedance levels to match different mic and line sources.  
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