RED Scarlet Dragon

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An ultra-high megapixel count, significant processing power, high dynamic range, and the advantages of a raw file format, the Red Scarlet Dragon camera produces beautiful images and has the ability to simultaneously capture video and stills.

With PL and EF mount options, the lens choices are extensive and can be made to fit within almost any budget. 

Included As Standard
 Power 4 x 160Wh V Mount Batteries
Media 1 x 128gb RED Mag
1x 64gb RED Mag

5" Red Touch Monitor
V Mount Plate
15mm Rods/19mm Rods 
19mm & 15mm Rod Mounts
Quick release platform pack

Key Specs 
  • - Sixteen-stop native dynamic range

  • - 6K still resolution

  • - 5K motion resolution

  • - Modular design with interchangeable lens mounts