SDI Protector Galvanic Isolator

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Unfortunately, SDI ports are getting damaged more frequently as a result of operating procedures, combined with the fact that more and more data is getting sent down the cables with newer cameras and monitors, and unshielded power connectors becoming more common place.

Of course, prevention is the best cure and we encourage you to always follow connection protocols when practical, use proper shielded power connectors when available, however as a secondary line of defence these Galvanic Isolators help to protect your valuable gear and keep you shooting.

Not only do they help prevent SDI damage, they are also a great way of relocating the SDI connection of the camera to a more convenient spot, ideal for those small and compact camera builds.

Available in both Straight and Right Angle.

As a side effect of how these isolators work, signal strength can sometimes be reduced, and therefor 4K+ resolutions may not be achievable so stepping down to 2K may be the go on longer cable runs etc.

Length: 20cm (8 inches)

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