Vazen 1.8x Full Frame Anamorphic Set of 3

Vazen 1.8x Full Frame Anamorphic Set of 3

  • $300.00
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To give everyone the chance to try these out, we're offering them at a reduced rental rate until the end of April 2022.

The Vazen Full Frame Anamorphics are a bit of a game changer. 1.8x is gaining popularity with newer sensors and until now full frame anamorphic lenses have been out of reach for most.

Enter Vazen who have engineered some exciting products over the last few years, gaining momentum and culminating in this beautiful three lens set made for mainstream high-end digital cinema cameras.

No more sketchy expanders and hacks, make the most of your full frame sensor and deliver that classic anamorphic look.

50mm T2.1

85mm T2.8

135mm T2.8



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