Two Arri Alexa 35s in the West Perth Rental House

As you may have seen from the ongoing social posts our second ARRI ALEXA 35 has arrived in Perth and we are very excited!


The new ARRI ALEXA 35 has a native 4.6K Super 35 sensor, 17 stops of dynamic range, records native 4K up to 120fps, and still maintains a small production camera body.

The Super 35 sensor means a whole host of lens options are once again available in Arri’s flagship product, but if you are after the full frame look the ALEXA Mini LF is still a wonderful option. Try our Leica or Cooke lenses that fit perfectly onto the Alexa's Super 35 sensor. 

Alexa 35 with 32mm Cooke Lens


The camera also features an Enhanced Sensitivity Mode, which allows for better capture at night and in low-light conditions, and a new Reveal colour science which promises to reproduce even more true to life colour.

Another new addition, the built-in ARRI Textures allow DPs to change a number of visual settings such as the amount of grain, contrast, and sharpness as if you were choosing from different film stock options. These textures can also be locked in camera, allowing cinematographers to maintain control of the image.

The Alexa 35 can capture footage in a huge range of different formats, from ARRIRAW to Apple ProRes.

Arri Alexa 35 with Rainbow Tube Lights

“The ALEXA 35 was spectacular—it outperformed all my expectations. I could not get the camera to clip—the dynamic range is so wide and impressive. This is a completely new generation.” – Erik Messerschmidt ASC, Cinematographer

Cinemachine now has two Alexa 35s which gives DPs the ability to shoot multi camera setups for upcoming feature or commercial projects. It also means greater availability for single camera shoots. 


Come in today and check out these amazing new cinema cameras.

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