Battery Powered RGBW Tubes: Nanlite PavoTube ii 30 x

Our new set of 4 Nanlite Pavotube ii 30x’s are now ready to roll straight out of the shop in a custom Precision Cases hard case and fit a wide variety of lighting uses.

Nanlite Pavotube ii 30 x's in a triangle lighting setup


Tube lights have always been a popular option on set going back to fluorescent lights such as KinoFlos, but there has been a massive jump in the use of LED RGBW tube lights in the last few years. Our Quasar Science lights have been a great option with their high output, but the Pavotubes offer even greater flexibility with their in-built battery, pixel effects and easy wireless control via Bluetooth phone app.

And flexibility really is one of the strengths of RGBW tube lights with the ability to be used as a key, fill, back or practical light. Regardless of use, matching other lights on set is never a problem using the CCT mode to dial in a colour temperature from 2700K to 12000K with +/- green adjustments or the 360 degree HSI mode for a more specific colour requirement. 


For any shot where the Pavotubes are out of sight they can be powered by an AC power supply and cable, but when they will be visible in shot the tubes can be run from their in-built battery. This makes setup much quicker and easier without having to try and hide extra cables or external batteries. 

The lights will run for:

  • Over 2 hrs at 100% brightness 
  • Over 3 hrs at 50% brightness
  • Over 11 hrs at 10% brightness

This is a pretty decent amount of runtime considering that for use as practicals you will often not need to run the lights at full brightness. In these photos of a rainbow triangle setup the lights are set to 5%.

Overall the Nanlite Pavotube ii 30x kit is a great option for many different lighting applications with its excellent colour accuracy, internal batteries and the ability to use pixel effects for shoots such as music videos.

Come in to Cinemachine today to give them a try or book today on our website.

Nanlite Pavotubes lighting an Arri Alexa 35

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