Rode Interview GO - The Easiest Wireless Hand Mic

The Rode Interview GO is a simple adapter that transforms a Rode Wireless GO transmitter into a handheld mic for on the go reporting or interviewing. 

Simply slide the Wireless GO into the cold shoe adapter and then add the included high-density windshield to protect from outdoor wind noise and give off a more professional look.

The Rode Wireless GO then wirelessly transmits the audio back to the receiver which can be easily used with most phones, cameras or laptops.


Rode Interview Go Microphone Adapter


You can take advantage of all of the other great features of the Rode Wireless GO II while using the Interview GO. Such as having two Wireless Go microphones transmit to a single receiver and internal backup recording on the in-built memory just in case.

The Rode Interview Go and the Rode Wireless GO II are both available for hire or to buy from our website


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